The Little
Math Puzzle
The Little Math Puzzle/Le Petit Probleme
The Little Math Puzzle
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"We seek order and pattern in all things and sometimes change our paradigm." "Nous cherchons l'ordre dans tout et quelques fois, nous changeons notre approche"

This page will lead you to about 210 different puzzles.
Number and Letter series, sequences and patterns to complete.
The interactive puzzles will let you or your class test a solution.
Or you may select puzzles from the puzzle archives .

The answers are available if you have the password.
Teachers may get the password through a written request to The Little Math Puzzle ..please use the form below.

If you would like to suggest a problem or verify an alternate solution please send a message

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Tom Murray who has been driving this internet activity has retired from Royal West Academy. This is why the puzzles have stopped. Thank you for the years of interest in these puzzles .
The Little
Math Puzzle
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