Simon Leach

of YouTube fame in Montreal
Descendant of Bernard and David Leach

Demonstration Workshop

Peter B. Yeoman's Cultural Centre
1401, chemin Bord-du-lac, Dorval H9S 2E5

Get there with a google map & find free parking infront of the library.
Saturday October 3rd 2009

Here are some photos

514-651-8774 cell or 514-631-5251

Dorval Potters’ Guild
Sarto Desnoyers Community Centre
1335 Lakeshore Drive
Dorval, QC H9S 2E5

Artists Statement

Having lived and worked for many years in Spain I am very aware of a sense of place, a connection to the landscape, colors, textures, quality of light etc. I live in a rural community with people that are largely self-reliant and connected to the land. The idea of life, work and art being wholly integrated is something I try to achieve. The physicality of process is therefore very important to me. I utilize local materials where I can find them dug from a hillside or scraped from the seabed.

Growing up surrounded by a family of potters, I draw on those early influences: the work of my Father (David Leach) and Grandfather (Bernard Leach), Japanese and Korean art. Having assimilated these rich influences into my pottery, my work has become a natural expression of what is personal to me. I find the ongoing challenge of discovering my own visual language and voice as a ceramic artist both exciting and rewarding. It is a lifetime journey.

samdi 3 octobre 2009
10h00-16h00 avec lunch

Ici les photos

514-651-8774 or 514-631-5251

La guilde des potiers de Dorval
Centre communautaire Sarto-Desnoyers
1335. ch. Bord-du-lac
Dorval, QC H9S 2E5

Simon's web site
a recent workshop in New Jersey
Check out Simon's latest on YouTube

Peter B. Yeoman's Cultural Centre
1401, chemin Bord-du-lac
H9S 2E5
google map there is FREE parking infront of the library.

The Day's Events

Here is your chance to discover Simon’s approach to the art of pottery, you can meet and observe this inspirational teacher working, as he shows us his techniques on the wheel and off; throwing, trimming, glazing, and the in between stuff.

The days events will begin at 10 am and continue until 4pm with a lunch break in the middle. The schedule will be flexible and include a powerpoint presentation, demonstrations on throwing and glazing, all the while Simon will share with us his own particular style and methods that you may have seen on YouTube.
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