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Enter & adjust serving amounts of food groups until the total nutrients meets your requirement goals.

PRO(g)CHO(g)FAT(g) Na(mg)K(mg)P(mg)Kcal

PRO = protein, CHO=carbohydrate, Na=sodium, K=potassium, P=phosphorus. Portion size varies within each group, with milk being 1/2 cup (125ml) and protein being 1 ounce (25gm).
Values were taken from National Renal Diet (1.2) as reported in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association April 1995 Volume 95 #4 pg 487.

The D- stands for diet (low in fat and calories)
To find the values used per serving enter ones for the serving amount, or look in the code. You may wish to make adjustments to the code as nutrient content quantities change or new products come out. There is some variation in preferred nutient values so feel free to adjust the script.

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